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*Wario Ware Inc
*Warner Brothers
*Warning, Goldfish!
*We Are Mint
*Wedding Peach
*Weiss Kreuz
*When They Cry
*When the Lights Go Out
*Wolf's Rain

Wario Ware Inc
*Mona FKiss2Editor's Choice

Warner Brothers
*Babs Bunny FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Hello Nurse FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Tex Avery Babes FKiss3Editor's Choice

Warning, Goldfish!
*Wapiko Editor's Choice

We Are Mint
*Noeru and Maria FKissEditor's Award
*Miyu Makimura FKiss2Editor's Choice

Wedding Peach
*Angel Lily CKissEditor's Choice
*Angel Lily FKiss2CKiss
*Angel Lily Editor's Choice
*Angel Daisy FKiss2
*Angel Salvia FKiss2CKissEditor's Award
*Peach, Lily, and Daisy FKiss2CKiss
*Momoko Hanasaki Editor's Choice

Weiss Kreuz
*Omi Tsukiyono FKiss2Editor's Choice
*Youji and Asuka FKiss2
*chibi Yohji Kudou FKissEditor's Choice

When They Cry
*Satoko FKiss3Editor's Choice

When the Lights Go Out
*Flashback - Janey FKiss2Editor's Choice


*Kouryuu and Kohaku FKissEditor's Award

Wolf's Rain
*Cheza FKiss2